World War I in 1918

The year? 1918. What was happening? World War One. Think you know everything there is to know about world war one? Take this quiz and find out. I'm sure it will leave you enlightened. Or maybe just astounded.

Do you know what happened during World War One in 1918? If you think you do take this quiz. If you don't this quiz may be a little tough but you can get through it. This quiz will leave you with the ability to raise your hand in class when talking about world war one.

Created by: Kayla
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  1. Haig broke through the ________ on ___________
  2. On October 21st, Germany ceased ___________
  3. Czar Nicholas II and family were killed by the _________
  4. The Treaty of __________ ended the war between Russia and Germany
  5. What happened on December 2nd?
  6. __________ was the first state to ratify the ___ Amendment
  7. What killed more people than World War I in 1918 and 1919?
  8. What happened on February 6?
  9. The Battle of the Piave River began with a diversionary attack near ______
  10. The Battle of Vittorio Veneto occurred on __________
  11. What was the deadliest weapon of the war?
  12. When did Germany launch the Spring offensive?
  13. The ___________ gave _______ "co-ordinating authority" of the Western Front
  14. Where did Germany negotiate an armistice?
  15. What happened on November 10th?

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