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This is a quiz about my world. It is a twisted world of many sorts filled with magically beings and creatures. Of course we all know what's in it execpt for what you are in my world. There are a few individuals in particular that you may be. I wonder who you are, don't you?

In my world there are many differnt beings with different powers ranging from the extreme down to the simple ones. There are huge wars and villians beyond imagination. Come and see who you are. I'm interested, are you?

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
If you were ripped from your typical life and thrown between a huge war between good and evil, what would you do?
Try my hardest to get back.
Try try my hardest to not get involved.
Try to make a profit off of the war.
Try to make sure it's all fair.
Join the fight for evil!
Join the fight for good!
If you had the choice to be human or alien, what would you be?
I would make my own race.
Neither... I wouldn't exist
If I strange man wearing a black robe came up to you and asked if you would kill millions for millions of dollars, would you do it?
Yes, with ease.
Yes, but only for more money
No, it's not worth the consquences
No, I care for the people
I would kill the black rober person I'm talking to.
If you had a pet dragon. What would you do with it?
Sell it for BILLIONS!
Train it to be a warrior!
Keep it as a pet.
Teach it tricks to amaze people.
Make it a hunter
I wouldn't get a dragon in the first place.
If you had some crystals that had supreme power, what would you do?
Hand them over to my enemy in exchange for my freedom.
Use them to conquer the universe for my own rule.
Free the universe from the cluches of EVIL!
Sell them to the highest bidder.
Use them to manipulate people to my will.
If you fell in love with someone in this world and they rejected you, what would you do?
Find a way to force them to love me.
Try to convince them to love me.
Run away to another world.
Kill them.
Turn to someone else to love.
I don't love.
If your enemy was more powerful than you, what would you do?
I told you, I'm not involved in this war.
I would turn side and join up with the strong one.
I would try to become more powerful to overcome my enemy.
I would run.
I would fight hopelessly.
I would try to strike a deal.
Would you prefer what is morally good and right or what is morally corrupt but good for you?
Morally good and right.
I'll take what's good for me.
I wouldn't choose.
If every one of your allies in the war was destroyed, what would you do?
Try to bring them back.
Run hopelessly.
Give up.
Turn to the winning side.
I'm not in this conflict.
If you knew you could win and it would be all over with, what would you do?
Prolong the end to have some fun.
Finish my enemies once and for all.
Attempt to change my opponents mind by showing my overwhelming power.
I'm not in this conflict, remember?
Would you rather be a...
powerful commander
magic spirit
normal person
If a random voice started to tell you things to do, what would you do?
Listen to it without question.
Threaten to destroy the voice if it doesn't stop.
Go see a doctor to see how to get medication for the problem.
Scream at the top of my lungs "Stop the voices!"
I would be the voice in someone elses head.
Would you rather live in the past, present or future?
I don't care

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