Take action quiz

Do you think you know how to save the world? There are only few world savers in the world, do you have what it takes? Take part in our quiz to find out!

Are YOU a world saver? Are you going to be the next Bear Grylls? We hope so. How do you think you will go? In only a few minutes you will find out. Go Hard!

Created by: Ruby
  1. What percentage of the earth is water?
  2. What does hydro mean?
  3. What are fossil fuels?
  4. What NZ Prime Minister didnt let nuclear into NZ?
  5. Which is a bad pollution issue?
  6. What can solar energy power?
  7. What is it called when you drink too much water?
  8. How long can the average person survive without water?
  9. How much water a minute do you use in the shower?
  10. What is Nicole's favourite fruit?

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