The Preston Sports Week That Was March 30 2009

It has been another busy week of sporting action in Preston and now you have the chance to test just how well you have been paying attention by taking The Score's quiz.

This week we have seen action from Preston Grasshoppers at Lightfoot Green, Lancashire Lightning in the United Arab Emirates, Andrew Flintoff in the Caribbean and of course the City celebrated Sir Tom Finney Day. Were you paying attention?

Created by: Tom Hyde
  1. From which Championship club did Preston North End loan signing Lee Williamson join from?
  2. A Preston team competed in a Lancashire Cup Final this weekend for the third consecutive year in which sport?
  3. In which country did Preston based motor racing team Juno compete this week finishing first in one race and last in another?
  4. Where were the Preston Sports Awards held?
  5. Who took over as Bamber Bridge boss immediately after Tuesday night's 5-2 defeat to Colwyn Bay?
  6. Lancashire Lightning were beaten to third place in the Emirates Pro ARCH Trophy by which other County side?
  7. How many runs did Andrew Flintoff score on his return to England action against the West Indies on Friday?
  8. Which former footballer opened the Sir Tom Finney exhibition at the National Football Museum on Thursday evening?
  9. Preston Grasshoppers were comprehensively beaten at home to Nuneaton on Saturday. What is the visiting teams's nickname?
  10. Preston Grasshoppers coach Alex Keay signed a new deal this week to extend his current contract by how many years?

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