how much do you know?

There are many smart people out there, but few are geniuses. After all the term describes extreme intelect which few people have. Maybe you're a genius, take this quiz and find out! See how many common facts you know!

Are you great with facts? Do you consider yourself a genius? You may never know, but taking this quiz can only help! Take it and find out just how smart you really are.

Created by: Ashley

  1. how many states are there in the united states?
  2. what's the correct spelling for more than one month?
  3. how many weeks are in a year?
  4. how many years are there in a decade?
  5. what's the correct spelling for more than one baby?
  6. what's the capital of ontario?
  7. what does the computer term pc stand for?
  8. how many months is a woman usually pregnant for?
  9. which of the following is least like the others?
  10. what does opp stand for?
  11. how many years of university education does it require to be a vet?
  12. is education important?
  13. what does csi stand for?
  14. re-arrange the letters ledangn what do you get the name of?

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