FFVII how well do you know Vincent Valentine?

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I was motivated to create this quiz, because Vincent is my favourite Final Fantasy character, and know all of the stuff about him(some not included in this quiz, and if there is more information I'm not sure), the quiz is fairly easy, most are basic questions, that everyone should know, if their favourite character is Vincent.

Do you think you know everything about Vincent Valentine? Do you think you know everything about him? But if you take my quiz, you can see, if you know everything about him!

Created by: Samantha

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  1. When was Vincent born?
  2. Who killed Vincent?
  3. What is on his left arm/hand?
  4. Who was his love?
  5. What weapon does Vincent use?
  6. What colour eyes does he have?
  7. How old is he in Final Fantasy VII. Advent Children?
  8. In his past years what was he?
  9. Who is his English voice actor?
  10. What does he say in Advent Children, as a joke?
  11. What relation does he have?
  12. How does he get killed?
  13. What was his father's name?
  14. How tall is he?
  15. What colour is his hair?
  16. What inside him helps him controll Chaos?
  17. What did Hojo do with Vincent's half-dead body
  18. How does Cloud describe Vincent?
  19. Once a year what do Vincent and Red XIII do?
  20. What does Vincent does Vincent do?
  21. What does he tell Cloud in Advent Children when he saves him?
  22. In which movie does Vincent get a cell phone?
  23. What was his father?
  24. How does his father die?

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Quiz topic: FFVII how well do I know Vincent Valentine?