How well do you know wwe

There are good people but a few Amazing Stars.Almost everybody likes proving that they are the best in almost anything.If you want to prove you are good TAKE THIS QUIZ

World Wrestling Entertainment Was created in 1952 and the founders name was Vincent J McMahon. In 1979 he handed his company to Vincent K. McMahon. He is the current owner

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  1. Who won the 1st ever Royal Rumble
  2. Which Superstar has retured at Summerslam for 3 years in a row and which years
  3. What was WWE's founding name
  4. Which Pay-Per View did Elimination Chamber Debut
  5. True Or False: The Great Khali has won a championship in WWE
  6. How many opponents has Undertaker faced at Wrestlemania
  7. Which year did WWE debut
  8. True or False: Smackdown Debuted in 2000
  9. Which Superstar of these has NOT had a criminal record
  10. Which One of these songs were for the Royal Rumble 2011

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Quiz topic: How well do I know wwe