how much do you know about pop/r'n'b music?

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Pop and r'n'b is a kind of music which is very popular to lots of people and has many of the greatest hits! The questions of this test are aboutamous and really good artists such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna and our pop king Michael Jackson...! So if you like these stars just try the quiz!

This quiz contains questions which will prove if you are really good with pop and r'n'b music and you know many things about it.Try is very interesting and quite difficult...a nice challenge!! :P

Created by: melody(:
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  1. "Promise I'll be kind...but I won't stop until the boy is mine"...which artist includes this lyrics into her song?
  2. Which of the following is not an Avril Lavigne's song?
  3. which Britney Spears's song is the most popular?
  4. How many times times have Lady Gaga and Beyonce worked together?
  5. "You build me up,you break me down..." Complete the lyrics of Ke$ha's 'tik-tok'.
  6. Justin Bieber sings "BABY" with...
  7. When was Beyonce's song "Deja vu" released?
  8. Black eyed peas sing: "I will try until I die for you and I" in:
  9. Which Miley Cyrus's music video is totally different and sexier?
  10. And finally,about our pop legend..Michael Jackson...which song was his biggest hit ever?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about pop/r'n'b music?