Do you know the song lyrics?

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There are many peopele who love music but only dew of them know the songs name. A music lover is really almost always talking about music and can never get them to stop talking abouit it!!!

Are YOU a music lover? Do you have the music ability for this quiz. But will you make it the title and know all of the songs or just be sweating like which one which one?

Created by: JaMaya McMoore

  1. According to you I’m stupid I’m useless(According to you)
  2. Sweet Dreams OH beautiful nightmare(Sweet Dreams)
  3. I buy you anything I but you any ring(Baby)
  4. Imma pick the world and imma drop it on your etch head(Drop the world)
  5. Beautiful girls all over the world I could be chasing’ but my time would be wastin’(Nothing on you)
  6. When I grow up I’m going to be famous I’m going to be a star I’m going to be in movies(When I grow up)
  7. Any kind of guy that you want girl that’s the kind I be(Any kind of Guy)
  8. Eenie Meeni Myni Moe grab a bad chick by her toe
  9. I can repay you for all that you done always come first an second to none(Everything to me)
  10. My hands are up above me and you swore you love and I begin to fall into our secret place
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Quiz topic: Do I know the song lyrics?