Do You Know Your Song Lyrics?

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Hiya do you think you know your song lyrics? If you do take my test to find out! There are very few people who will pass my test. If you do well done!

Remember, you're not aloud to look up the song on youtube or google! That would be cheating. So anyways, do YOU know YOUR song lyrics? Are YOU a genius of songs? Only one way to find out!

Created by: Abbey
  1. Lets start with an easy one; Pah pah pah poker face pah pah_____ (Poker Face Lady Gaga)
  2. Can't find yourself _________ (Everybodys Fool Evanescence)
  3. Woah I never ment to brag but _______ (Misery Business Paramore)
  4. Wake up in the morning feeling _______ (Ke$ha Tik Tok)
  5. When I was a young boy my father ______ (Welcome To The Black Parade My Chemical Romance)
  6. We gotta fight fight fight fight fight for ______ (Fight for this love Cheryl Cole)
  7. I wake up late every morning _______ (Nine To Five Lady Sovereign)
  8. Oh well imagine as I'm basing the _________ (I write sins not tragedies PANIC!AT THE DISCO)
  9. Ignorance is your new _______ (Ignorance Paramore)
  10. Teenagers scare the living _____ out of me! (Teenagers My Chemical Romance)

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my Song Lyrics?