The FNaF of epicness!

This quiz is for Five nights at Freddy's geniuses not normal people but FNaF geniuses and fans you must be good at this! The game is SUPER DUPER popular!

Are YOU a genius about FNaF? if YOU keep asking yourself are you good at FNaF? This quiz will tell you the truth about questions of FNaF! Best of luck!!!!

Created by: Mazen Omar
  1. How much Fnaf games is there?
  2. How many characters are in five nights at Freddy's 2?
  3. Why is mangle broken even though she/he was a new character?
  4. Who is the main character in FNaF 3?
  5. What is the challenge in five nights at Freddy's 1 in the custom night which was said to be impossible by the creator?
  6. Is the five nights at Freddy's 4 trailer released?
  7. What are the animatronics called in FNaF 4?
  8. What is the ALL 20 challenge called in FNaF 2?
  9. What is springtrap called in FNaF 4?
  10. What is the FNaF jumpscare sound?
  11. Did you enjoy the quiz???

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