Which Fnaf 1 Character are You?

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Fnaf is an AMAZING Horror Game, to Scare you and have Fun. Take this Quiz to know Who you are! By the way, this is my first Quiz! I hope you enjoyed it and had fun!

I am forced to write 150 words long so Hi I'm Brit and I'm 14 (Yes, 14) I will continuously talk. I am a HUGE fnaf fan! I love all the games. It's the best!

Created by: Britney
  1. What is Your Favorite Colour?
  2. What do you Describe yourself as?
  3. What Would you do if you Went to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza?
  4. What is your Favorite Animal? (Out of These)
  5. What do you do in your Spare Time?
  6. Do you Like Predators or Prey More? (Honesty)
  7. Who is Your Favorite Character in Fnaf 2? (Out of These)
  8. What's You're Favorite Element?
  9. What is Your Favorite Food?
  10. What Music Genre do you like most?

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Quiz topic: Which Fnaf 1 Character am I?