Which horror game should you play? ( HOAHHH )

There are many people who like to use the internet. But they lack of horror games. Do YOU lack of horror games? I think you should try this quiz! It'll help!

I hope this helps you with your gaming and Bla bla bla. Please rate this quiz and comment your outcome, and feel free to give feedback too! But please be nice.

Created by: HOAHHH

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like Mainstream horror?
  2. Are you BRAVE?
  3. Do you like what PewDiePie plays?
  4. Do you eat while playing computer games?
  5. Do you get nightmares often?
  6. Are you a true gamer?
  7. Are you a Justin Bieber fan!?
  8. Choose a pose. (affects answer)
  9. Have you ever played a horror game?
  10. Rate! Comment!

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Quiz topic: Which horror game should I play? ( HOAHHH )