What Computer Game Should I Play Next?

So You And Your Friends Have Finished Every Single One Of Your Video Games They Ask You What To Play Now And You Don't No Either. You Go To The Computer Game Shop And You Still Can't Decide, What Do You Do?

Come To Here Is The Answer, There Are 7 Games And This Quiz Will Tell You Which Suits You The Most, Whether It Is Brutally Smashing Someones Head In Or Just Collecting Monsters, This Is The Quiz For You.

Created by: Ben Wishlade
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Console Do You Intend To Play This Game On?
  2. What Type Of Game Do You Want To Play?
  3. What Do You Want The Game To Focus On?
  4. Which Story Sounds Interesting To You?
  5. Who Would you like to play as?
  6. Do You Like To Have A Screen Or Speaker On Your Controller?
  7. Which Enemy Would You Like To Fight The Most?
  8. Which Costume Sounds Cool To You?
  9. What Graphics Do You Like To Play With?
  10. How Long Do You Play Computer Games For A Day?

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