The Silly Hippopotamus!!

Do YOU like hippos? Do YOU like to be helpful? Do YOU like storlies? Have YOU been waiting for a quiz that combines all three? Then wait no more! If you answered yes to any of theese questions than THIS is the quiz for you!

Who dosn`t love a cute little hippo? I know I do! Scores DO NOT matter. this is more of a poll than a quiz. Now stop all the chit chat and let`s get quizzin!

Created by: Hippo Girl Codi

  1. once upon a time a long tim ago there lived a hippo who wanted to join the circus. but how? he wondered. on halloween, (the night before the spooksville circus preformance!) Hippo put on a clown coustoume and went of trick or treating. He was being silly all the way to the circus manager`s house. trick or treat! said hippo. the circus maneger saw the silly tricks that hippo could do and decided to put him in the cicus. they grew to be b.f.f.s! they became rich and famous and from that day on clowns were united! And They All Lived Happilly Ever After! THE END
  2. O.k. so that was the story. I am planning to write a sequal. the results DO NOT matter! Pay no attention to them please. (-: o.k. what shold the hippos name be? answer in the comments. :-3
  3. Is the hippo a boy or a girl?
  4. Does he have a family?
  5. Is he always sad?
  6. does he get paid?
  7. What should the next title be?
  8. Do you have any other ideas for me?
  9. Thank you for taking my quiz PlEASE COMMENT!!!
  10. Be watching for my newest quiz about hippos!

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