Are You Actually a Hippo

Hippos are hippos and other things are not. There may be several ways to find out which one you are and any of them are probably accurate enough in most situations.

Until now, you'd always suspected one way or the other but simply had better things to do that attempt or even post a quiz on facebook. Take this quiz and find out why you shouldn't have bothered!

Created by: Hippo

  1. Are you a Hippo?
  2. What is your cat's name?
  3. What colour is your cat?
  4. Does your cat like to play with wool?
  5. How long have you owned your cat?
  6. Can your cat do any tricks?
  7. What is your cat's best trick?
  8. How would you describe Fluffy's political views?
  9. Do you and fluffy have similar taste in movies and or feature wall colours?
  10. Does your cat ever undermine your home decoration attempts by suggesting that feature walls are a little too 1996?

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Quiz topic: Am I Actually a Hippo