Does he like me?

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Men are like blenders. we all need one but have no idea why. Do you have a guy you want to know if he likes you??? Use this test and find out! GOOD LUCK!

I hate when I am out in public and I see a hot guy and i don't know if he is thinking: "Dang she's cute" or "How did that hippo escape from the zoo?"

Created by: ReiningLuvR

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  1. When you two are talking does he look into your eyes???
  2. Has he ever sat by you when there were other seats to pick???
  3. Has he ever sat close to you so that your legs/arms touched?
  4. If you were to ask him to sit next to you would he?
  5. Have you two ever....
  6. Has he ever winked at you?
  7. Has he ever told you that you look good in something
  8. Do you two txt a lot???
  9. Does he smile/blush a lot around you
  10. Does he know you like him?
  11. Has he ever asked you to be part of his group in school/do a project with him/sit by him at lunch/hang out
  12. Do you think he likes you???
  13. Does he tease/make fun of you
  14. Finally, let's say you said "i know, hot right?" (trying to flirt) what would he say/do???

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