How well do you know fnaf 1/2/3

How much do you know about fnaf because Iam pro oh yeah by the way fnaf two could be a sequel or a prequel so don't argue about what fnaf 2 is because the creator hid what the year is

Are youa genius?If you do this quiz you will be able to show how pro you're at tjis game those will get low I feel sorry for you but good luck to you all

Created by: Nico Torres
  1. Are The fnaf 1/2 characters continued in fnaf 3?
  2. If you put 1987 on the custom night in fnaf 1 what happens?
  3. Is Springtrap in fnaf 1 and 2?
  4. Does Phone guy die?
  5. .Who do you play as?
  6. Who Is the Killer?
  7. What is balloon boy also known as?
  8. Is the killer inside of Springtrap
  9. Is there a balloon girl?
  10. Are you enjoying this quiz?
  11. In five nights at freddys three is it a pizza place or horror attraction?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know fnaf 1/2/3