The FNaF Knowledge Test

People say that they know about Five Nihhts at Freddy's, but do you really? Take this quiz and find out, maybe even see if you qualify for the FNaF Fandom!

Do you have what it takes to be part of the Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom? Or are you just all talk? Find out by taking this quiz, I hope you get a good grade!

Created by: Shadow BonBon

  1. What is the order of FNaF History?
  2. How many dead children are there?
  3. Who is inside of Springtrap?
  4. Why are the eastereggs important?
  5. Who did Purple Man use to kill the children?
  6. What is the night mode called when Foxy and Mangle come after you only?
  7. What date did the murder take place?
  8. Why is Springtrap's name "Springtrap"?
  9. Who is Golden Freddy?
  10. What is the custom night mode were Bonnie and Toy Bonnie come after you and Foxy is set to 5?

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