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You don't need all the knowledge of this world or a thick encyclopedia to participate in this quiz. This quiz is uniquely designed, whereby contestants only need the knowledge they acquired in the studio during an episode.

Are u a genius ? Take this quiz ans test your knowledge ! We can also say this is a great opportunity to test your knowledge. Thanks to this great quiz !

Created by: Navya dhawan

  1. Who writes the book series 'The diary of a wimpy kid ?'
  2. Who writes the book series 'Dork Diaries ?'
  3. Who wrote the book 'Around the World in Eighty Days ?'
  4. who writes the book series'Geronimo Stilton ?'
  5. The author Jonathan Swift wrote which book ?
  6. Lewis Carroll published his book 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' in which year ?
  7. Who wrote the book ' Room On the Roof ?'
  8. The writer Roald Dahl wrote how many children books (fiction and non-fiction) ?
  9. Who wrote the book series ' Jurassic Park ?'
  10. William Shakespeare started his writing career in which year ?

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