Think you know your literature characters

Books books books and more books though none quite as good as classic childrens and modern teen literature think you know your hunger games from your narnia

are you a classic childrens' and teen book worm can you read more than one sentence I dare you to come and try your luck with this classic quiz come on

Created by: Disturbiarpg

  1. Who is Emperor of the lone island in C.S Lewis The chronicles of Narnia
  2. which of these is not a studied subject at Hogwarts
  3. The merry old land of Oz which of these does not attend to the gales farm
  4. Complete the popular Roald dahl title James and The giant
  5. Described as a girl who looks like a fox in the 74th annual hunger games name that tribute and district
  6. which of these is not a way into Narnia
  7. Ive got a golden ticket which of these in not one of charlie buckets Grandparents
  8. Percy Jacksons protector shares his name with a sesame street character but which is it
  9. which of these is not a character from wonderland
  10. Name Harry Potters neighbour who happens to be a Squib

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Quiz topic: Think you know my literature characters