Are you Peter, Susan, Edmund, or Lucy Pevensie?

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Many people have read the Chronicles of Narnia books by C. S. Lewis and watched the movies, and you will know that Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie are the kids that went to Narnia in the first two books/movies.

All the Pevensie kids have such unique personalities and likes that set them apart. Have you ever wondered which Pevensie kid you're most like? You can find out with this 20-question quiz! Hope you like it! :)

Created by: C. S. Lewis
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  1. First off, who do you think you'll get?
  2. Second, who do you want to get?
  3. Are you a Christian?
  4. How many times would you like to go to Narnia?
  5. When you're bored on a rainy day, you...
  6. How many siblings do you have?
  7. How many of those siblings are older?
  8. How many of those siblings are younger?
  9. Choose the word that best describes you.
  10. Are you a traitor to the good or bad?
  11. Are you jealous of a sibling? If so, what for?
  12. Choose the word that best describes you again.
  13. Out of the four Pevensie kids and the DLF, when do you think you'd see Aslan in Prince Caspian?
  14. Which weapon would you like to fight with?
  15. Do you like Mr. Tumnus?
  16. Which do you value most?
  17. Which do you agree with on more things, Susan or Lucy? Peter or Edmund?
  18. Last question! Will you rate and/or comment?

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Quiz topic: Am I Peter, Susan, Edmund, or Lucy Pevensie?