Contemporary Brit Lit Quiz

This little quizzy poo was made for students enrolled in CSUSM's Summer LTWR 308b course. It's focused on the Contemporary British Literature unit. I hope you paid attention in class!

Make sure you know your Hughes, Heaney, Carter, and Duffy literature! Now's the time to brush up if you need to! Good luck...may the force be with you!

Created by: Christa
  1. Ted Hughes writes "Remember how we picked the daffodils?" Who does he mean by "we"?
  2. They did all of these things with the daffodils except...
  3. In Seamus Heaney's poem "Punishment," where is the girl's corpse found?
  4. In "Punishment," what part of the girl's body was removed and examined?
  5. In "Punishment," what does the speaker know he would have cast on the young girl?
  6. Who wrote "The Bloody Chamber"?
  7. In "The Bloody Chamber," how many times had the Marquis been married before he married the speaker in this story?
  8. In "The Bloody Chamber," what did the woman's nurse ask her when she saw her "fire opal" ring?
  9. What instrument does the woman play in "The Bloody Chamber"?
  10. What type of flower does the Marquis remind his wife of?
  11. In "The Bloody Chamber," what does the woman cry about on the phone to her mother?
  12. In "The Bloody Chamber," how does the Marquis plan to kill his bride?
  13. In Carol Ann Duffy's "Mrs. Lazarus," the speaker did all of the following when she went home except...
  14. In Carol Ann Duffy's poem "Wish," what does the speaker wish for?
  15. In "Wish," Duffy writes that "Nobody slept who couldn't be woken / by" what?

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