What is your favorite book!

There are lots of books in the world in all different langues! there are boks in Spanish, French, German, and Asin! There are lots of diferent kinds of books also!

There are Romance books, Action books, fantasy books, kid boks, tween/teen books, art, cooking, and training books, and Biographies! in this quiz you will fnd out what kinds of books you like!

Created by: darkbellatrix

  1. What is your favorite thing to do?
  2. What do you thing you are going to get?
  3. Do you like to stay at home or go outside or got to a place?
  4. Favoite thing in list
  5. Like this quiz?
  6. Rate?
  7. as;lkfjsdlkfj;lasjkdf
  8. pick a letter
  9. pick a number
  10. bye

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Quiz topic: What is my favorite book!