Book 5-Harry Potter, do you really read it?

These questions are pretty hard so you might want the book with you to take my quiz. Order of the phoenix is my second favorite book and it's the only one I own, other than the chamber of secrets.

Good luck and don't forget to have the book with you when you take my quiz! Order of the Phoenix is a long book and it is very easy to hide small details in it so food luck!

Created by: Hiya!!!!

  1. What was the bush Harry was hiding behind?
  2. What was aunt petunias excuse to keep Harry instead of the Remember My Last Petunia?
  3. Who was not in the Guard who came to take Harry to grimmauld place?
  4. What is Tonks broom?
  5. What is the exact password to grimmauld place?
  6. What is the exact number to get into the ministry?
  7. If Harry is not expelled from hogwarts, how much does he say he will put in the fountain, and how much does he put in?
  8. And what is the fountain called?
  9. Where does the money from the fountain go to?
  10. What was tonks hair like on the day of the hearing?
  11. Who was not in the original order of the Phoenix?
  12. What was the boggart when Harry walked on mrs. Weasley?
  13. Who was the folirst person to get sorted?
  14. What spell does Ginny use to clean up the Mimbulus Mimbletonias mess?
  15. Why did Seamus's mam not want him to go back to Hogwarts?
  16. Big jump! Who told Umbridge about D.A? I want specific!
  17. What does d.a really stand for?
  18. What was the excuse Ginny used so Harry could sneak into Umbridges office and see if sirius was at grimmauld place?
  19. Last question! Who killed Sirius black?
  20. Sorry, I forgot I typed last question so this is the last question: why did dumbledore make Ron a prefect and not Harry?

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Quiz topic: Book 5-Harry Potter, do I really read it?