Your Life as a Warrior Cat || PT 1

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Have you ever wondered what it's like to BE a Warrior Cat? Well, now you can. Follow me, friends, and other characters through an unimaginable story about you as a Warrior Cat.

You're journey will begin as a kit, then you'll become an apprentice, then, a Medicine Cat, Warrior, Queen, or Deputy. Some day; you may even become leader. Will you?

Created by: Petrichor

  1. You'd emerge from the Nursery for the first time; ready to explore the sandy clearing ShoreClan called its own. Your bouncy sister; Rainkit would playfully cuff you over the ear as the two of you would scamper from the comfort and darkness of the fern covered den. What is your response?
  2. "Hurry up, Shellkit!" Your impatient sister would call. Once you reached her, your heart was pumping with excitement; Rainkit managed to find a log. Not just a log, but one the perfect size for a den! The two of you would scamper in, only to realize you'd roused an angry blue-gray she-cat. "What? Why aren't you two in your den? What do you want- why are you hear?" What is your response?
  3. After the she-cat had rebuked you for 'intruding,' you and Rainkit decided that you were going to investigate an odd scent fuming from a beached boat that was also a part of the sandy clearing. "Be careful, Shellkit, it might be some-cat's den!" You'd warn, and you'd proceed. A small, pale ginger she-cat noticed you, and lifted her head. "You must be Gullpelt's kits!" What is your response?
  4. The she-cat smiled softly, "I'm Sandpaw, Yewfoot's apprentice. I'm in training to be a Medicine-Cat!" Sandpaw proudly puffed out her chest then asked, "So, what are you kits' names?"
  5. ** 5 Moons Later ** You and Rainkit have become beautiful she-cats; Rainkit's silver and white striped fur has grown to be long, flowing and soft, and your own brown tabby fur has grown sleek, slightly spikey, and very beautiful. Gullpelt beamed as she groomed your pelts. Your leader, Coralstar's dark ginger pelt shone with pride as he looked down at his two kits and mate. You saw one cat that stuck out in the audience as Coralstar was about to make you an Apprentice; Sandfoot. She was named after her mentor had died on a two-leg's road not 3 moons ago. You'd leap onto the Sandstone, taking your mind off of Sandfoot. As Coralstar said the words, "Shellkit, do you promise to uphold ShoreClan with all your strength and life if necessary?" You'd summon all of your courage, "I do." A wash of pride flowed over Coralstar, "Then by the power of StarClan, I announce you as Shellpaw, your mentor will be ___."
  6. Should I make another Quiz? (There will be a better story)
  7. About me #1 What's your favourite color?
  8. About me #2 What's your favourite animal?
  9. About me #3 What's your favourite movie?
  10. Ready for your results?

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