The life of your warrior cat (quiz 2)

There's many warrior fans out there- looking for good quizzes- well, with my "The life of your warrioe cat" series, my quizzes/books are a good way to pass time- and fun because it puts YOU in 1st person so you can experience what a real warrior cat might go through!

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  1. Just so you know- this is quiz 2 in my "the life of your warrior cat" series. If you didn't read part 1, please go do it now to clear some things up for you.
  2. You felt Tigerkit's sharp but small teeth digging into your tail an you let out a big scream as you flicked him off. "TIGERKIT!WHAT DID I TELL YOU!?!?" Screamed Blackstream. You started to run out of the nursery, you felt blood dripping down your tail, as Spikeflower and Clawstripe walked in and stopped you. "What is going on in here!?!?" Spikeflower said angrily. Then you told her what Tigerkit did.
  3. As you walked out of the nursery and to the medicine cat den, you saw some warriors give you a weird look but you just ignored them. After you got to the med cat den, you told BloomWing what happened. "Yeah.. we'll have to something about Tigerkit"... She trails off and hands you a weird shaped seed that she tells you to eat. You eat it, then you talk to her as she puts cobwebs down your tail, which makes you feel better.
  4. The next day, you wake up on ANOTHER side of the nursery: far away from Tigerkit. When you get up Mistykit is still asleep. Suddenly, you can hear blood roaring in your ears and screams of pain. "What is going on!?" You ask Roseblossom, scared. "It's alright, _____kit." She tells you. "But there's a battle, so just stay in here." She says, but you stay near the entrance and watch as warriors from Lightningclan (your clan) start pushing Shellclan farther away from camp. What feels like a long time later, Robinstar announces that Shellclan attacked because they wanted more territory, but we won the battle."
  5. You can see warriors streaming in and out of BloomWing's den as He announces this, but you're glad that we won the battle. "But on the not-so-bright side..." Robinstar started to say "We lost 1 apprentice, Volepaw. He will be buried by the elders tonight." This news makes you feel sad for Volepaw's sister and brother: Oakpaw and Frogpaw. But you head back to the nursery, and you see Mistykit just waking up, and Tigerkit playing with Blackstream's tail. Blackstream was looking annoyed and mad at the same time. 'I can't believe you missed all that!!" You exclaimed to Mistykit. "What happened!?" She asked. Roseblossom, who was listening to your conversation, filled her in. What do you feel like doing now?
  6. Whatever you chose, you do it for a while. Nothing exiting happens for a while after that. 2 and a half moons later, you hear Robinstar call a clan meeting and everyone gathers around. I have some exiting news!" He announces. ____kit and Mistykit come up here. A spark of happiness flew through you. You where going to be apprenticed! You had no idea! Mistykit, from now until you become a warrior you will be known as Mistypaw. Brightwhisker, we hope you will pass your happiness and courage onto Mistypaw. Mistypaw beamed as everyone cheered her name. "____kit, from this time on, you will be known as ____paw!! Lionpath will mentor you. "We hope he will pass his strength and smarts onto you." Says Robinstar, smiling. You feel the happiest you've ever been as all the cats cheer your name.
  7. How do you feel about being apprenticed?
  8. The next morning at dawn, lionpatch and Brightwhisker wake you and Mistykit up at dawn to take you on a patrol of the territory. All of you walk out, exited and talking. After you patrol for a bit, you see Darktooth running back to camp. "DOG!!" He yells, gathering up more warriors. "Uh-oh.." You hear Lionpatch say. Since you guys don't know any battle moves yet- you're staying back at camp. The next few minutes are a blurr, but the next thing you know you see Tigerkit being taken away in the jaws of a huge brown dog, Tigerkit is clawing, spitting, and kicking. Some warriors run after it, following Robinstar's orders, then you hear Oakpaw ask Robinstar why he doesn't go chase the dog. "Are you kidding!? I'm on my last life..." You don't overhear anymore, though, because you walk into the apprentice den.
  9. It gets dark fast, and you fall asleep with the other apprentices- thinking about Tigerkit. The next morning, you wake up early to find Tigerkit- with a large, open, cut down his belly, laying in the medicine den. You gasp, then ask, "is he alive!?" "Yes.. but I don't know how long he'll last..." Bloomwing trails off. As Tigerkit wakes up and lets out a cry of pain. You walk away, not able to look at Tigerkit's belly anymore, and go back to your den.
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