Warrior Life Story Pt 2

How would your life as a warrior be? Would you be a queen, or a warrior? Who knows, you may even become leader. Not every one is meant to lead, but everyone has a place in the Clan.

Are you a leader, or queen? Would you train to be a warrior, or your clan's next medicine cat. In this short quiz, you will find out where you stand in the world of warriors.

Created by: Duskfire

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  1. You hear rustling in the bushes as a black-and-white she-cat emerges from the bushes. "I'm back!"Sparkpaw yowls. "And look who I brought!"
  2. "Spottedpaw, Brambleberry's here. Jaypaw mewed at your side. "You'll be okay, I promise." You purr and blink at him. "I know." He stares at you, his ice blue gaze intent.
  3. "What happened here?" You here some cat ask. You sniff the air, you knew someone was here, but had no idea who. Jaypaw replied. "What does it look like, Smokepaw?" You open your eyes and see a dark gray tom.
  4. "I heard fighting while I was hunting." He turns to you. "Who attacked you?" Smokepaw asks. "Nightclan." You rasp.
  5. Later that day..... You blink, several cats stand over you; Brambleberry, your parents Foxtail and Stormpelt, Jaypaw and- Smokepaw? "Are you okay?" Jaypaw and Smokepaw ask at once. You nod, even though you are unsure.
  6. "Stay still, your hind leg was broken." You tried not to panic. "It's not that bad, is it?" Jaypaw asks, sounding nervous. "I'm afraid it is, Jaypaw. I'll leave you three in peace." And with that, she flicked her tail and left the den followed by my parents.
  7. "So what happened." Smokepaw questioned. "I was defending Leafstorm, someone jumped on my back and I collapsed." I explained.
  8. "Um, Smokepaw. Why are you here?" You ask quietly. He looked at his paws. "I helped Jaypaw carry you here." The gray tom blinks at you. "Thanks." You tell him.
  9. "It was nothing." Smokepaw mumbles, as he looked out at the setting sun. "I should be heading back to Nightclan, I mean, Breeazeclan."
  10. He turned to leave, but was stopped by Blackstar. "Stop Smokepaw, you are not leaving at this hour." Smokepaw dipped his head. "Where do I stay?" "With Spottedpaw."
  11. "Okay." He mewed as he padded towards me and Jaypaw. "I guess I'm staying with you, just for the night." Smokepaw laid down besides me, while Jaypaw sat and watched. Despite Smokepaw's gentle snoring and Jaypaw's cold gaze, I quickly fell asleep.

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