Hi everyone! I need help with something!

Hi! Can you tell me in comments what you think a wasted life is? Thanks! It's for school. We need to do an ICT project. We are entering a screen it competition thingy.

Also take my other quizzes and eat pie. Should I make a warrior love story? I'm thinking of making a series called Both Sides©. Its about 2 long lost sisters that are the chosen ones. But one of them is evil!©

Created by: GinnyGirl

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  1. Hi!
  2. Ok. So I need to know what you think a wasted life is.
  3. Also can you take my other quizzes. I've started a series called your magical love story part 1&2.
  4. Also I'm starting a series called I work for the bad guys. Ive done part one.
  5. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOUR NAME MEANS? CLICK HERE! (quiz found on my account page just click my name in blue)
  6. Also it is nearly my birthday. What should I ask for?
  7. And are you like me? Find out in 'How like me are you?Harry Potter haters need not apply.'
  8. Should I make a warrior love story? I'm thinking of making another series called Both Sides©. It's about two long lost sisters and they are both 'the chosen one' but one of them is evil!©
  9. PIE!!
  10. BYEEEEEE!!

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