Water Pollution Qui. (School Project)

Many people think they know a lot about the horrible, human-caused, water pollution. Test your knowledge and see how much you know about this life-threatening disaster. We hope you can help put a stop to it!

Just a note: this quiz will probably be pretty easy for the usual GoToQuiz users, because this is for a school health project and the quiz is made to be given to elementary school students of lower grades.

Created by: CupcakesRuler
  1. What is water pollution?
  2. How can water get polluted?
  3. Which of these is NOT a way to help stop water pollution?
  4. True or False: Animals can die if they eat trash that was in polluted water.
  5. True or False: Not a lot of people have tried to stop water pollution.
  6. Who pollutes water?
  7. Which of these is one of the most common pieces of trash that makes oceans polluted?
  8. How can you use LESS water?
  9. You walk by a stream and see trash floating around in it, What would be the right thing to do?
  10. How many bodies of water are polluted?
  11. True or false: 1 piece of litter in the ocean can hurt animals.
  12. True or false: state leaders have done nothing to help water pollution.
  13. When there are big oil spills into the water- why do you think the factory workers don't try to stop it?

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