Season of Change- Prologue {Aria's Story}

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The time had come for her to choose. To choose which direction she needed to go in life; which path she was supposed to take. But it was all too much for her. She was trapped in her own skin and reality was her nightmare. That was; until it happened.

This is a newly written story. I would greatly appreciate it if you all read. It cannot compare to the One Direction & Harry Potter fanfictions but hopefully, it'll change your perspective on some things.

Created by: Aria

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  1. As you might notice, I've been writing in the time I was gone. I hadn't gotten much inspiration but I've received quite a lot now and I think it's time I focus on the two things that are important to me: my education and my passion for writing.
  2. I'm not quite sure how to start because the story has 7 questions. Oh well. Let me give shout outs?
  3. Anyway, without further ado, let us begin.
  4. What if? What if she had the chance to turn things around, would she choose it? What if she could be a different person, would she take it? What IF she could leave this world today, without looking back, would she do it?
  5. Gabrielle Tracy Pertrova had learnt in the past few years that two simple words, when put together can haunt her forever. They had an impact on anyone who studied them and they can crush a person into insanity. She promised herself she wouldn't over think things too much but it was too late for that.
  6. The world hardly appreciated Gabrielle; as she was unknown to most of them. As she walked on the streets of the beautiful town, people would see right through her as though she was a ghost; as though she never existed. The only people who seemed to recognise her existence were her three best friends, Layli Star, Maria Jackson and Cole Paxton. If you asked anyone else who Gabrielle Pertrova is, they'd watch you in a strange manner, as though you were asking them if aliens were real.
  7. On most days of the summer, Gabrielle would just sit around and read a book, browse through her favourite sites and listen to music. She always had a smile plastered on her face so no one would see what she really thought about. Her eyes were gentle and her voice was like a melody. The curly haired girl was usually a reserved girl but when her friends said it was time to have fun, it was time to really have fun.
  8. Silence was the first thing she understood, growing up. A silent life where she learnt to accept things as they are and never ask questions. However, it didn't stop Gabriella from wondering. She was a child who loved to think, and thinking usually required time. Whilst other teenagers her age were involving themselves in scandalous manners, she would usually wonder why things work the way they do. She wondered why the world was shaped into a sphere, she wondered why she was the way she was, and she wondered why there was no one like her.
  9. This fifteen year girl, who was clearly lacking experience, was a fragile rabbit in this cage of snakes. She turned to her best friends, alone. They were her world, they were there for her when she needed them the most. One could describe them to be lifelong friends.
  10. Gabrielle always wanted to discover her purpose in life, and on that day; her journey began.

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