Where The Grass Is Greener... Part 3

So so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry i couldn't release this sooner. I can't even think up any excuses. I'm really really really sorry.

I will try and post the next one sooner, but only if three different people post comments, positive or constructive, it doesn't matter, in comments. If giving me constructive, please say it as nicely as possible.

Created by: GinnyGirl

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  1. Hi, it's me! Anyway, thank you for taking this quiz, if you don't know what has been happening, please go back and read the other two! Thanks! Recap~As you turned the corner, you gasped. There in front of you was...
  2. There in front of you was your house burnt to the ground. You ran forward, tears springing in your eyes. You could hear Arya's small footsteps following you. A fireman tried to hold you back but you shook him off. Running into the remains of your house, your home, the place you had grown up in. You began rummaging through the remains. Lifting up a big piece of wood, you saw the one thing you hoped you wouldn't see. Your parents. They were lying there. Dead. Blood on there face, ripped clothes and holding hands. You dropped to your knees and hugged Arya close to you. Sobbing, she buried her head in your clothes and hugged you tight. Fresh tears rolled down your cheeks as you reached out to your mums hand and held it in yours. It was cold and you felt something. Opening her hand you saw a piece of scrunched up paper. You took it out of her hand and opened it. It said: Stay Safe, and find Queen Izlia. She will tell you what you need to do.
  3. You fold it and put it carefully in your pocket. A fire man walks up to you, and places a hand on your shoulder. "This way." He says, in a gruff voice. You don't argue, just stand up, still hugging Arya. (Her name, by the way, is pronounced Ar-ya, the 'y' sound being like in yes.) He leads you away, hand still on your shoulder. You begin to go weak at the knees, and stumble. He catches you, and you keep walking
  4. When you finally have a sense of realisation of where you are, it's in the woods that we has taken you. You feel tired. Extremely tired. The man takes his hand off your shoulder, and turns to look at you. He takes off his helmet and says "Why, hello. Remember me?" Looking at you with red eyes, his hair seeming to be a mix of red and black, like blood splashed onto a red canvas. "Who are you?" You say, beginning to back away. Arya looks up at you, the sadness in her eyes replaced with fear. "Your worst nightmare." He says, absently looking at his blood red nails as the fireman outfit melts away to reveal black clothes, with a belt with various daggers strapped to it.
  5. He stands there for what seems for ever, then suddenly launches himself at Arya. You try to grab her away, but he's too quick. Before you know whats happened, there's a shiny blade up against your sister's neck. You gulp. "Well, well, well. What do we have here. Your little sister? Oh isn't she cute. Do you think she'd still look as cute if, say, I messed up her pretty little face?" He says, in a calm, taunting tone. The blade slowly raised to her cheek, and You cry out. "Stop!" But he ignores you, and slices open a large gash in her cheek. Arya winces and looks even more scared than before, her fingers going up to finger the wound as tears spill down her face. "Don't hurt her." You say, softly.
  6. "Or what?" He says, grinning, showing his perfect teeth, that are a bit to sharp for your liking. He does two more slashes, and watches as more tears spill out of Arya's eyes. "LEAVE HER ALONE!" You yell, charging him. He looks startled, then pulls out another dagger. He waits until your within range then throws it. Arya exclaims, tries to warn you. Everything seems to move in slow motion. The knife. The smile beginning to form on 'Your worst nightmares' face. Then it hits you in the chest.
  7. You collapse and clutch the hilt as blood begins seeping out. The last thing You see before blacking out is him, taunting you with words You can't hear.
  8. When you wake up, you're in a white room, with stitches in your chest an iron anklet on you right angle. There are no windows, no doors. You stand up, looking down in disgust at your bloodstained shirt and and pants. "I'm such a mess..." You say to yourself, flinching when it echoes throughout the room. Frustrated, you pound the wall. "Hello!? Let me out!!" You scream. The only thing you hear in reply is more echoes.
  9. Suddenly, the wall gives way, and an electric shock goes threw your body, and you clench you teeth in pain. Standing up again, you see him standing there. He truly has been your worst nightmare.You scream and lunge yourself at him. Technically, you were unarmed, but when you scratched his face, three marks with blood already oozing out of it appeared. He drew his hand back and slapped you across the face. Hard. You stumble back, and go to launch yourself at him again. He presses something on his wrist, and electricity runs through you again, you scream and fall to you knees. It goes for longer than last time.
  10. "Feel that, princess? If you so much as touch me again, I'll make it so that you're an inch from death." He says through clenched teeth.The electricity stops, and you slowly stand up. You look him in the eyes, full of hatred. Hatred for him, hatred for yourself, hatred for the world. "What do you want from me?" You say, clenching your fists. "Me? I want nothing from you." He says, sitting on a chair that you didn't notice before. You were probably to busy banging the wall. You open your mouth to retort, but a voice that seems to come from everywhere says, "Code 909, Code 909." And the man curses. He stands up, and walks towards the wall, which falls away. You don't follow. You don't want to go anywhere near him. All of a sudden you hear yelling and screaming, and he pull a sword out of...somewhere. You scream as a knife flies towards you, and duck, then electricity bolts through you, and you black out.
  11. CLIFFHANGER... Thank you for reading this quiz. Please rate and put any feedback or ideas can be posted in comments. Also, if I get at least three comments from three DIFFERENT people, then I will post the next part. ❤Love Life❤ Oh, and Batman is awesome.

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