Where The Grass Is Greener... Part 2

Ok. I'm sorry that I haven't released this Sooner. Like I said on the last question I'll try to release them sooner. things I can't do at hogwarts 1. If a classmate falls asleep in class, I will not take advantage of the fact to draw a dark mark on there arm. 2. No matter how good a fake Australian accent I can do, I will not imitate Steve Irwin during Care of Magical Creatures class. 3. Professor Umbridge is NOT the wicked which of the west.

4. She will not melt if I pour water over her. 5. Demanding to the Minister why the wizards arent magically helping the giant panda populations is frowned upon. 6. I will not find first years on the Hogwarts Express and say "Good Luck to you! I hear this year they've got a troll to fight to decide your house. Man, in my year, we only had to fight fire crabs.

Created by: GinnyGirl

  1. Ok. I'd like to start off by saying that 'your' name is Kaida! Yes, Kaida. I'd also like to give a shout out to Aria. You are wonderful kind girl. A great friend, and always stick up for people. Now if you have suggestions please don't hesitate to email them ( my email: pri.kia.chps@gmail .com without the spaces ) or put them in comments! Recap~ You heard someone behind you and grabbed a stick.
  2. You turn around and see 4 boys. The first one had short, tidy platinum blonde hair, a silvery bluey sort of eye color, a gorgeous smile that made your heart flutter, he was tall with pale skin and looked about 14 - 15 years old. He was wearing a casual outfit of jeans and a black skull t-shirt.
  3. The second one had brown hair, emerald green eyes, a cute smile with dimples, pale skin, about average hight, looked about 14-15 years old. He was wearing a Save The Planet tshirt and trackie dacks
  4. The third one had red hair, amber eyes, a beautiful smile, tanned skin, shortish, about 14-15 years old. He was wearing a red t shirt and jeans.
  5. The last one, had Black hair, with electric blue highlights, sea blue eyes, a smile that melted your heart and it had dimples, once again looked about 14-15 years old, tall, pale skin. He was wearing a tshirt that said vans and Ripped jeans.
  6. Suddenly you felt a pain in your head and shut your eyes tight, bringing your hands to your forehead. All of a sudden, in your minds eye, you see a lady all in white with blonde hair, saying " Kaida " but before she could continue, a raging war appeared. The were centaurs fighting, griffins gliding overhead, little fairies in trapped in cages and other mythical creatures. Then it faded to a burnt wasteland. Black trees, burnt grass, broken spears and dead bodies lying around. The whole sight of it brought tears to your eyes. You started fading back into reality just as a lady with black, waist length hair, in a black dress, started walking through the trees.
  7. You blinked and looked up. The picture of that burnt wasteland still seemed to flicker behind your eyes. The 4 boys were gone. Although you'd only seen them for a split second you were sure they were there. You glanced around, looking for a sign that anyone was there. But, unfortunately, the bell rang so you were forced to give up your search. Heading back to class quickly because you had French which means Ms. Vang who is very, very strict. Last time you were a minute late and you got 2 weeks detention. So while you were hurrying to class you began to wonder who those boys were, if you'd imaged them, why your hair changed color and what that flashback thingy was, if it was a flashback, which you seriously doubted.
  8. You reached class about 5 minutes early ,surprisingly, and sat down at your assigned seat at the front of class next to your friends Shantae, who was allowed to pick where she sat because she is really, REALLY good at French, and Li, who you think just scares Ms. Vang because of you electric blue hair. Shantae leaned over and said to you "Where were you? You said we would meet at free period!" "Sorry. I forget" I replied. Shantae snorted and Li glanced over at us with one of her little smiles which usually meant that she wanted to tell us something but couldn't because, believe it or not, the devil had just walked into the classroom. She called the roll and began "teaching". "Today we will be working verbs." Ms. Vang started saying and the droned on and on about verbs and how to use them in a sentence and blah blah blah. Her beady black eyes shifted from teenager to teenager. If you looked away or looked like you weren't paying attention she would ask you a question, which was usually very hard.
  9. When bell finally rang, Ms. Vang gave out the assignment and dismissed the class. As you walked out of class Shantae immediately asked is either of us wanted any help with the assignment, and both of us immediately said yes. We all started laughing. This is one of the times I wish could last forever. Or we could at least have a camera to take a photo or video. When we stopped after about 50 seconds of non-stop laughing, Li said, still giggling a bit, "Hey I need to tell you two something." "What?" replied Shantae "Not here" said Li, gesturing at the cameras, "can you guys come over to my house? I'll tell you there." Your head dropped. "Sorry, but I can't. My parents said yesterday that they needed to tell me something after school" I sighed. "oh." said Li, sounding maybe a tiny little bit upset. "I think I can. We'll text you, OK Kaida." Shantae said. "Yeah, sure." I hate missing one of our little meetings. We always have lots of fun. Last time, we put a Walkie-Talkie in a gnome and shouted at people when they walked past. Oh well.
  10. [end of school] "See ya Josh!" you yell. He turned and waved before hopping into his friends car. You began walking with Shanelle and started talking about the days events. "How was your day?" you ask, even though your mind was on the boys and your hair. "Eh. As good as any day at school can be." she replied and shoved her hands in her pockets. "which is?" "Not that much" she said. You laughed and Shanelle smiled. "So, what about you?" you paused for a moment. 'Should I tell her?' you debate in your head before came to a decision. Taking a deep breath you began to talk about everything that had happened. Everything. The 4 boys, which you described in detail, the vision flashback thingy and your hair which had grown not-so-faint during the day. When you finished Shanelle was quiet. "Are you sure those boys looked like that?" she murmured. You nod not sure why she asked. She looked extremely pale. You both stopped walking because you had reached Shanelles house. "Well, I'll.. Um.. See you tomorrow then." she said nervously. "ok." You replied, a bit confused. "Bye" and Shanelle walked up the stairs surprisingly quickly and went inside.
  11. You kept on walking until you reached your little sisters primary school. You sister Arya, is 7 years old and has natural white hair and black eyes. Shes pretty much the opposite of you but you're still really good friends. When you reach Arya's classroom you see a few parents waiting out side and two or three high schoolers. You sat down on a bench outside her classroom and waited. Looking around, you couldn't help but notice that one boy seemed to look familiar. He stood only 4 meters away from you and from the back you saw that he had black hair and a faded sort of blue color. Then it suddenly hit you in face (not literally). That was one of the boys you saw at school. You stood up and walked cautiously over to him and reached out your finger and, after a short hesitation, tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around, a bit startled, and looked at you. "Hi! I'm Kaida. Are you waiting for your brother or sister?" you burst out. "Hi and Yeah. I'm waiting for my little brother. By the way My names Ronan but you can call me Ron." he replied. "I'm waiting for my sister" you said and that seemed to get a conversation going. You chatted with him about school and his hobbies and found out he was a talented swimmer.
  12. When you sister finally came out of her classroom, she ran over and hugged you. You smiled and hugged her back. "Kaida! There's a new boy in our class! His names Kelvin." she said excitedly. "I was just talking to his brother Ronan." you replied. "Come on! I'll introduce you!" she exclaimed and dragged you over. "Kelvin, this is my big sister, Kaida. Kaida, this is Kelvin." she said. "Hi. Nice to meet you." said a boy with black hair, which had sea blue highlights. His eyes were a bright blue. "Nice to meet you too." After a short conversation, you and Arya headed off. On the way you both chatted about school, but you decided not to tell her about the.... unusual.... stuff that happened. "So... Do you like him?" you ask as you watch Arya kick a stone. "Who?" "The new guy, Kelvin" she blushed and looked away. "Maybe." "You do!" you laughed as a fire truck drove past. "Hey look a fire truck!" said Arya, clearly trying to change the subject. As you walked closer to your home you began to smell smoke. You sniffed the air, wandering if the lady across the world had burnt up her yard again. As you turned the corner, you gasped. There in front of you was..... CLIFFHANGER
  13. Hi, ok Thankyou for taking this part. I'm so sorry it took so long to release. I've been busy and I had writers block but from now on I'll try to do one question every night. Possibly 2 on weekends. Please comment because I need at least 5 comments if I'm going to do the next part. Thanks! ❤Love Life ❤ Question of the day: What's you favorite song? (please don't put Call Me Maybe)

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