What dog are you?

There are lots of dogs out there. Maybe you have one. I wouldn't know. Have you ever wandered what it would be like to BE a dog? Running around all day.....

Here's the answer! You could be a papillon, border collie, golden retriever or a husky.Take this quiz and find your inner dog. I of course have taken it and it is AWESOME!

Created by: GinnyGirl

  1. What is your favorite colour? ( Me: SupriseSuprise*sarcasism* sorry folks didn't know how to start)
  2. What is your favorite heart symbol.
  3. Pick a gem.
  4. What do you dog do you like the most.
  5. Where would you like to go?
  6. What would you name a golden retreiver?
  7. What would you name a border collie?
  8. What would you name a husky?
  9. What would you name a papillon?
  10. What is your favorite weather?
  11. Will you rate

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Quiz topic: What dog am I?