I work for the bad guys - Part 1

Hi thanks for ACTUALLY reading this! Ok so this series is a new idea and I want you all to comment on it! Yell me if you like it! Also comment on the things like clothes, ideas and give me your ideas.

Ok. I'm going to add a new character every time it comes to a ten number. E.g. 10,20,30,40 etc. thanks for taking this and should I make a warrior love story? Please comment if you can!

Created by: GinnyGirl

  1. Read the top.
  2. Your sitting in your room wearing (me:white can be changed to any color and tell me what you think about the outfits)
  3. And the messenger ,Eldon, comes in. "Your father wishes to see you" he says, while totally checking you out, "About tonight" you all of a sudden get really angry. | Great! So now I'm guessing I'm going to have to miss THE.. Well... thing.. Of our whole time doing this! And everything that he told me! He said I would be able to go as long as I didn't get in the way! Grrrr.... |
  4. *after spending ages walking to your fathers office* *Bang* (me:that was you banging the doors open) your skirt billowing out behind you like a cape(unless your skirt is too short) and the doors bang shut. "YOU SAID I COULD GO!! YOU SAID THAT I COULD IF I COULD FIND A DRESS AND STAY OUT OF THE WAY!! YOU SAID YOU TRUSTED ME!! WHAT ABOUT ALL THOSE THINGS YOU SAID? AND WHEN I WAS LITTLE!! YOU USED TO SAY THAT YOU LOVED ME!! THAT I WOULD ONE DAY BE ABLE TO GO TO ONE OF THEM!!" you scream at him.
  5. "____, I wasn't going to say that you can't go... " says your father. "oh. Right. Ok. Um. Yeah. Cool." | well this is awkward. Why does he want me then? No. Is he talking about
  6. "I think it's time you started training. Your powers are getting stronger. You need to control them" "Wow! Really? Who do I train with!
  7. "you will be training with Zeke." "No no no no no no no no. No. No way! Why him? Only him please say that there are others training me!
  8. |||||||||||||||||||||||~~~~~~~~~~~~~|||||||||||||||||||||~~~~~~~~ sorry for the questions being so short. I need to fill them up.
  9. "You will also be training with Nitara, Manami, Reahi, Kazane and Shun. If you BEHAVE then I will get you a ... Well.... Tell me when it happens(if it does)" "What do you mean of course I'll behave"
  10. "And _____ before I let you go, I'm sending you on another mission. To Canada. Do you want to?" you smile slyly " Dad. I work for the bad guys" you walk out the door.
  11. Hi! Thanks all for taking this quiz! Please take my other quiz series 'Your Magical Love Story Parts 1 & 2! Thanks! Please read the top! Love Life! d:)-|-

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