Does your boyfriend/girlfriend really love you?

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People can never wait to fall in love with that special someone. Love is a great thing and you may have it. Everyone has a special someone in their life, some more than others. (:

Are YOU in love? Does your boyfriend/girlfriend love YOU? Take this quiz to find out how compatible you guys are and if you guys can have a very fun-filled future.

Created by: carleycupcake
  1. Does he/she do something nice for you often?
  2. Does he/she tell you that he/she loves you?
  3. Does he/she always try to make you happy?
  4. When you guys are alone, what does he/she do?
  5. Does he/she invite you to family events?
  6. Does he/she go on dates with you alone?
  7. Does he/she talk about the future with you?
  8. Does he/she enjoy your company?
  9. Does he/she talk about commitment to you?
  10. What do you think your result will be?

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Quiz topic: Does my boyfriend/girlfriend really love you?