Does he like u/know u like him

Does he like you? Does he know you like him? Should you move on? Will he ever ask you out? All very good questions. If you want to get them answered, take this quiz!

Do YOU want to know if he is crushing on you? Is it time to tell him the truth? Well then take this quiz girlfriend, before you go out embaressing your self!

Created by: galpal4427
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You started liking him-
  2. For questions 4&5 rate him based on: Hottness
  3. cuteness
  4. Read this and then imagine it. You are walking along a beach during the sun set with the guy you like. You turn to see two dolphins jumping. Just as the sunset turns the sky the most perfect and romantic color he gazes into your eyes and kisses you. Describe wut u did once u imagined it:
  5. Did anyone ever tell him u like him
  6. Has he ever stared at you
  7. Has this ever happened? He is staring @ u and u dont know, you turn to look at him and quickly turn around when u notice he sees you. If the answer is yes did he blush? If the answer is no, click SKIP or skip this
  8. What is his personality?
  9. R U nervous 2 see the results (dosen't count, JFF)
  10. Here R the results!!!!!

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