Are You Over Your Ex?

Do you think you are over your ex? Or do you think your not? Take the quiz and find out...Here's a quiz just for you. All the questions that need to be answered.

Are YOU over that last boy/girl friend? Come and find out, my quiz will tell ya if you are or if your not.And thanks to this quiz you might know what to do with your feelings. Whether or not to move on or keep on trying.

Created by: d.b.alsup

  1. How often do think of him/her?
  2. Do u remember their favorite movie?
  3. how often do you think about THAT relationship?
  4. do you remember your song?
  5. can you sleep without them?
  6. do you still his/hers spots(touches)?
  7. do you remember what color their eyed are?
  8. do they linger in your thoughts?
  9. so you regret breaking up?
  10. do you miss them?
  11. last time you talk to them were you happy?
  12. do you day dream about them?
  13. do you still like them
  14. do you still care for them?
  15. do wish that you were still together?
  16. have you ever wondered "what if"?
  17. would you take another chance with him/her again?
  18. do you still love them?

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Quiz topic: Am I Over my Ex?