Will your soul go to heaven or hell when you die?

If you got 100% and answered honestly, you are forgiven:) you have accepted God's gift to you of salvation, and now through Jesus when you die you will enter the kingdom of God!

If you got anything that's not 100% you are not destine to go to Heaven.. YET! Now if you answered no to the questions about believing in God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, you should now understand that "believing is without seeing" anyways but if you need proof... Answer these... What created everything? You probably answered bigbang, What created bigbang? Physics, What created physics? Wait... Now your asking me, "who created God?" Simple: we won't undestand till we go to Heaven because the human brain cannot be wrapped around such topics:) Ok- fine you got me, you're saying, and now telling me God created sin... No no no this is often times mistaken for him creating free will:) ill try to post a better explanation later>:-D cya!

Created by: Babeizpink
  1. This is 1 of a few questions that counts, ANSWER HONESTLY for correct results:) do you believe in God the Father who sent his only Son to die for your sins to make you pure again? If you aren't sure answer this to yourself---do you fear going to hell---if yes, it is simple logic that you believe. You wouldn't fear something you think isn't real:)
  2. Do you believe in Jesus, who died for you so that you may become pure again?
  3. Do you believe in the Holy Spirit?
  4. What is the path to Heaven?
  5. Do you sin?
  6. Are you a sinner? (Same question, but worded differently)
  7. Does beauty get you to heaven?
  8. The rest of the questions don't count:) I just had to finish the 12 questions lololz did you like this quiz?
  9. Are you happy?
  10. Thx 4 taking this quiz:) hope it helps:) how was your day?

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Quiz topic: Will Ir soul go to heaven or hell when you die?