Heaven Or Hell... You choose

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Taking this quiz may change your life. The spirit of Truth is always working. Salvation is for anyone who truly wants it and is willing to be born again. This means forget everything you have been taught by men and let the holy spirit be your teacher. Our savior specifically told us "let no man teach you for you have one teacher and that is the holy spirit".

Beware, this quiz may offend you but it is the truth! If you want to be comfortable in your faith you are in the wrong place. He said to anyone who picks up the cross that they would suffer as he had suffered. This life is a test to see if we deserve his perfect eternity... Was up and be vigilant. Strive to enter the narrow gate.... Love you... Be blessed!

Created by: Waylenzdad
  1. If someone presents you with a doctrine that states that your region is false and they claim it is 100% scripture based, Do you listen?
  2. What is the Sabbath and is it important we observe the Sabbath of the Jews or has the Sabbath changed?
  3. Is the name of our savior important or does he care more about our our relationship?
  4. Are Christian's bound by the law or has it been abolished?
  5. Can a man be perfect?
  6. What does Jesus mean and where is it rooted?
  7. What was the name given to Moses to call our creator?
  8. What is the name of our savior and what does it mean?
  9. Who is the most influential apostle in YOUR religion? And, who did our savior choose to be the foundation of his true church?
  10. What is necessary for a man to be saved?

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