Numbers Zechariah Revelations

You are a genius when you acquire your wisdom from the MOST HIGH YAH through HIS SON YAHSHUA (JESUS). Knowing all about HIM and HIS Word makes you a genious only through HIM. Not only does the Word of YAH enlighten you, but it is alive and a GENIUS to those who seek after it. You cannot do anything without HIM no matter how much you have achieved IN LIFE. When any situation occurs in your life that you cannot solve, what will you do? Being a genius without YAH cannot help you.

If you are a mensch according to the world, give YAH back what HE imparted in you for the Kingdom and you will see how high YAHSHUA will allow you to soar. Just say yes and receive HIS SON who died for us all and watch the HOLY SPIRIT do a work in you. When you take this quiz, you will stir up something in you that you have never felt before (if the ALMIGHTY is drawing you)because it is all about YAH, YAHSHUA, and the HOLY SPIRIT.

Created by: AmanaOvadyah

  1. 1. In Chapter 8 of the Book of Numbers (Nu.), who is YAH speaking to?
  2. 2. Take the______ and cleanse them. (Nu. 8)
  3. 3. How should they be cleansed?(Nu. 8)
  4. 4. The Levites shall be (Nu 8)
  5. 5. The ________ are MINE.(Nu. 8)
  6. 6. ...Aharon shall offer the Levites before YAH for an offering from the Children of Yisrael so that they may (Nu 8)
  7. 7. The Menorah was of __________ (Nu.8)
  8. 8. Pesach shall be kept at its____________ (Nu. 8)
  9. 9. ...they kept the Pesach on the ___________________of the_________in the_____________ (Nu. 9)
  10. 10. If anyone is unclean because of a dead body, or on a far off journey he shall keep the Pesach to YAH on(Nu. 9)
  11. 11. The_____ covered the Tabernacle, the tent of the testimony when it was raised up.(Nu. 9)
  12. 12. The children did not travel sometimes for ______,or ________, or__________.(Nu. 9)
  13. 13. When the Cloud tarried the Children of Ysrael ____________; but when it was taken up they___________.(Nu. 9)
  14. 14. _____ ______ ______ were made to call the princes and the assembly gather when as YAH had instructed them to be blown.(Nu. 10)
  15. 15. The people were _______________.(Nu. 11)
  16. ______________ elders were selected.(Nu. 11)
  17. 16. Rise up, ________, and let THINE enemies be __________; and let them that hate YOU ________before YOU. (Nu. 10)
  18. 17. When Moses _________ unto YAH the ________ was quenched.(Nu. 11)
  19. 18. When the __________ fell upon the ground the ________fell upon it.(Nu. 11)
  20. 19. The elders ___________.(Nu. 11)
  21. ...a wind came forth from ________ and brought ________ from the sea, and let them fall by the _______. (Nu. 12)
  22. 20. _______ and Aaron spoke against _____________. (Nu. 12)
  23. 21. YAH _________ in the door of the Tabernacle. and called to _____ and Miriam. (Nu. 12)
  24. 22. Who does YAH speak mouth to mouth with?(Nu. 12)
  25. 23. I will give power unto my __________(Rev. 11)

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