Luke and Matthew

There are many smart people in the word but they all don't know about jesus. Only true genius's know about God. I know you can do it! its not even that hard!

Are you one of the smart people that know about jesus that can be a genius? take my quiz and you will find out. I know you can do it! its not even that hard!

Created by: Chandler

  1. When Zecharaih doubted the angle Gabriel, what happened?
  2. Why didn't Zechariah believe Gabril?
  3. Why did Mary and Joseph have to go to Bethlehem?
  4. What did Jesus do at the temple?
  5. What did John the Baptist eat?
  6. How many days would they wait to circumcise their child?
  7. What was Simeon promised to see before he died?
  8. What did Jesus say when his parents finally found him?
  9. How did John prepare the way?
  10. Who baptized Jesus?

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