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  • Creepypasta Story
    "Like it"
  • my poems...
    "Love you and ur poems guys:)"
  • Poetry thread....
    "What I do is use music to provoke a certain emotion and to mangle it up inside of me, then my words come from my brain to my hand and throug..."
  • Poetry thread....
  • Books
    "Lol, it was mortal Insturments till I found out that Cassandra Clare plagiarized like hell"
  • "Write some fantasy! Maybe about 3 kingdoms, the humanbird people, the humanreptile people and the humanmammals, think of a better name for t..."
  • Mortal Insturments
    "It's been said that Cassandra Clare plagiarizes and had many blogs deleted if she was caught plagiarizing :/"
  • ChRist
    "Well, you've been warned:)"
  • Sex=Dicks=babies
    "Oh, snap, a newbie starts a stupid chat"
  • What is your reason?
    "Believe in God because something had to have created the dimensions:) and science is the way that a man explains God's creations:) so, here'..."
  • Q and A with God
    "Yes, and God existed before deminsions, time being one of them"
  • ChRist
    "No, Christians are not pure at all, that's why we have Jesus who forgave us"
  • "No, he doesn't approve of it, but he will forgive them IF they are truly sorry"
  • Q and A with God
    "Line me at Babeizpink for questions and answers about God, I don't know if my line will work tho lol"
  • "Line me Babeizpink for any questions, quantum physics proves God's existence"

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