Are you an ADVANCED math student?

Are you in ADVANCED math in your school? Well, I am. And I am in 7th grade. I have put what I know into this quiz and want to test you on your "metacognition"! That's a fancy word I learned last year meaning something along the lines of "Thinking" or something or other.

So, are you a math fanatic? If you are, this quiz should be a breeze! If not, why are you even looking at this quiz? Oh, I think I know, you just want to see how much you suck! I do that sometimes. So don't feel stupid! Just take this quiz and have funing sucking!

Created by: Wildfire
  1. What is the evaluation of 2 to the 6th power?
  2. What is the formula for the surface area of a rectangluar prisim?
  3. What is the formula for the Pothagrean Therom?
  4. What does "mnq" equal if m=7, n=9, and q=10?
  5. Evaluate 8 to the 8th power.
  6. You belong to a book club. Your yearly book budget is $350. Each book in the club costs $7. What is the variable expression for the amount of your budget after "b" books.
  7. Your friend has 3 apples. You take away 2. How many apples do you have?
  8. If "b"=3, Then what is the answer to: b to the 3rd power multiplied by (parentheses) 9 - 5.9 (parenthese) divided by 3.2 multiplied by (20.4 - 12.4) ?
  9. You have $0.35 . There are two coins. One of then is not a dime. What are the two coins?
  10. Last question: What is the area of a square with sides of 17in?

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Quiz topic: Am I an ADVANCED math student?