Vacuums and Pumps

This quiz was created for the University of Houston Advanced Physics Laboratory Seminar Class of 2007. This will be used as a homework grade after the student presentation on vacuum pumps and cryogenics.

The quiz consists of 20 questions and 1 bonus all worth 5 points. All questions are either multiple choice or true/false. Each question is designed to test your attention to details and deductive reasoning skills.

Created by: Nina and Gizela of Advanced Lab Geniuses
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  1. How much matter is present in a vacuum?
  2. What are the two reference points in measuring a vacuum
  3. What quality of vaccum is between about 1.33E-4kPa and about 1.33E-10kPa
  4. What pump works similar to a human lung?
  5. What type of pump uses the fluctuation of area to create a vacuum?
  6. What type of pump is used to decrease viscous flow during molecular transfer.
  7. What role did Regina and Gizela play in the skit?
  8. What type of pump does not exhaust materials?
  9. What pump involves an anode and a cathode?
  10. What pump usually contains a material such as activated charcoal?
  11. 215K is a cryogenic temperature.
  12. Which element is commonly used as a cryogen?
  13. The desired crygenic temperature is dependent on
  14. Hydrogen is used to acheive 77K
  15. Helium is found in abundance in the Earth's atmosphere.
  16. Helium II is a mixture of
  17. Helium 3 is found in old nuclear warheads
  18. Entropy of He-3 in the pure phase is higher than it is in the dilute phase mixed with He-4.
  19. A closed cycle cryostat cool. *****Bonus*******

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