The Ultimate Shimmer and Shine Fan Quiz!

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Do you want to see what type of a fan you are of Shimmer and Shine? Then take this quiz! You can test your knowledge of this Nickelodeon genie television series, and find out what your rank is.

There are fifty-one questions on this quiz right now. There are four bonuses. Be careful on the bonus, get it right, more points. Get it wrong, lose a lot. There are a variety of types of questions, including multiple choice and true or false. So, take this ultimate fan quiz, and in the comments, give me some ideas for more questions on this quiz. Im going to keep updating it so its the best quiz Ive made. Thanks! -Shimmer✨

Created by: Shimmer_
  1. Do you like Shimmer and Shine?
  2. Which main character is is your favorite?
  3. Which secondary character is your favorite?
  4. Starting off easy: what are the names of Leahs Genies?
  5. Which genie has pink hair?
  6. What is the name of Shines pet?
  7. What color is Leahs shirt?(season 1)
  8. How many seasons are currently out?
  9. What does Zahara Zlam mean?
  10. Next five are true or false.
  11. True or False; Shine loves snacks
  12. True or False; Nazboo once tried to take over Zahramay Falls
  13. True or False; Minu is a fairy
  14. True or False; Tala can eat a giant strawberry whole
  15. True or False; Shimmer, Shine, and Leah only know three types of Dance Magic
  16. What is the name of Zacs genie?
  17. What type of genie is Layla?
  18. Who is Shimmers idol?
  19. Who is Shines idol?
  20. The next ten have to do with songs. The first four are name the song. The next three are finish the song. The final three are tell which character sang the song. They are not all from the movies.
  21. Working, working, with our friends. If it goes wrong, well start again.
  22. Were up and running, running. Here comes the chase.
  23. Were dancing all together now, leaping high up off the ground. Take a curtsy and a bow, on Swan Lake
  24. Look at the racks of clothes, were talking stacks of clothes, makeovers from head to toe
  25. A scoop full of sweetness, a delight thats so divine. Add a little frosting, and a flowery design.
  26. At the speed of light, in a flash on a wild ride, take off! Its time to roll, come on, come on yeah go!
  27. 123 wack a coconut for me. Left and right, were gonna win the prize
  28. When I feel the music, I shine so bright, I light up the sky, like a star in the night. When you dance you shimmer, when I dance I shine. When we feel the music, magic moves, magic moves divine.
  29. Dance, dance, dance no matter where you are! Dance dance dance, youre a shimmering star! Let the music move you, let it take you away! Let your heart shine, saying Boom Zahramay! Singing Boom, Boom, Boom Zahramay!
  30. Say genie-tastic! Genie-tastic! Say genie-riffic! Genie-riffic!
  31. Okay, the easy to hard thing wasnt working, so the questions are mixed.
  32. What kind of Tiger is Nahal?
  33. What is the most expensive Shimmer and Shine thing you can buy?
  34. What color are Shines shoes?
  35. How many LEGO sets are there?
  36. The next three questions are about the episodes.
  37. How many parts are there in The First Wish?
  38. In which episode do Shimmer, Shine, and Leah meet the Glitter Genie?
  39. What was the first episode ever?
  40. What is Shimmers favorite color?
  41. What is Shines favorite color?
  42. Who granted Leahs first wish ever?
  43. Which episode was Shine the only one of the twins to grant Leahs wishes?
  44. What kind of monkey is Tala?
  45. Does Tala like bananas or strawberries more?
  46. How many jewels/stars do you get with the Magic Mirror Set?
  47. What is the name of Kazs pet?
  48. What is Shimmers eye color?
  49. How many eyelashes does Shimmer have?
  50. How many eyelashes does Shine have?
  51. Who is the main character in Shimmer and Shine?
  52. BONUS!!!!!!! (Read second paragraph)
  53. BONUS: Who is older?
  54. BONUS: Who plays Shimmer?
  55. BONUS: Who plays Shine?
  56. BONUS: What does Shine say at the end of The First Wish?

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