Which Naruto Guy Is Your Boyfriend? Girls Only?

Hey, I'm Jessica. This is my first quiz to ever make. Many Naruto fangirls are wondering which guy is the perfect one to be their boyfriend. It is made for girls because I don't know much of what guys want with the Naruto girls.

Which Naruto guy is your perfect match? It maybe Kiba, Naruto, or Gaara. Do you think your crush is your perfect match? In a few minutes you will begin a long compatibility test, beyond your wildest fantasies and I don't mean that wild. Please enjoy this long test that took me hours to finish.

Created by: jessica
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Pick a color
  2. What hair style do you find the sexiest?
  3. Pick an object
  4. Pick a weapon
  5. Pick a flower
  6. Favorite movie?
  7. What do you like to do in your spare time?
  8. Which Naruto girl is your best friend?
  9. Favorite book?
  10. You're walking alone in a forest and you feel someone kiss your lips what do you do?
  11. You find out that the person that kissed you was lee. Ugh what do you do?
  12. Okay Naruto's throwing a party and he invited you. You go home and get ready what do you wear?
  13. Everyone comes to the party. Soon some music starts. What band is playing?
  14. Okay, you go to the snack bar as some of the kids are dancing and some talking or whatever. What do you get at the snack bar?
  15. Soon the music starts to slow down. You sit down and listen to the soft beat of the music. Many couples are slow dancing and many guys aren't. Then one guy asks you to dance with him. Who is it?
  16. So you slow dance with whoever you chose. Then you hear someone shout "lets play spin the bottle!" everyone sat down to play. Naruto handed you the bottle, you spinned it twice and it landed on who?
  17. You kissed the person you chose. The next person you saw kiss was Sasuke kissing ino. What were your thoughts?
  18. After that, Neji proclaims that he wants to kiss you. What do you say or do?
  19. The party is over. As you walk home you hear as if someone is behind you. How do you feel?
  20. You ignore it and continue home. You went to bed and had a dream. What did you dream about?
  21. You wake up and eat breakfast. You begin your training in the forest again, as usual. Suddenly, Kiba comes from behind a tree and asks if he could train with you. Your response?
  22. Okay, after training you two bump into Naruto on the way back home. He asks if you and Kiba would like to get ramen. Your response?
  23. After whatever you chose, you decided to relax a little. What did you do to relax?
  24. Temari says that she's throwing a slumber party at her house in suna. All the girls were there. Sakura shouted for all girls to gather around and spin the bottle and whoever it landed on they had to tell their secrets. What was yours?
  25. After tha slumber party, you headed home. Everyone found out about your secret but swore not to tell anyone. Once you got home you did what?
  26. This quiz is getting long. I'm glad you're enjoying it, but it's kinda irritating to make all these questions, don't you think?
  27. Favorite animal?
  28. Which one of the Naruto guys do you like/love?
  29. Favorite ice cream flavor?
  30. Who do you think has the worst childhood, Gaara or Naruto?
  31. Pokey, clickey, or cookie?
  32. Are you gay or not?
  33. ... I got nothing.
  34. Want a cookie?
  35. Did you like this quiz?
  36. Who do you think you'll get?

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Quiz topic: Which Naruto Guy Is my Boyfriend? Girls Only?