Who's you naruto boyfriend? (girls Only, Duh)

I made this quiz, well... for not much reason at all. It was summewr vacation and I was bored...( I just finished watching Naruto on youtube) So i started surfing for quizzes on the net

I found quizzes and after a while i founded this great .com thataloud you to make ytour own! isn't that sooo great! anyways the name of the place is http://www.gotoquiz.com/

Created by: Valerie

  1. What is your age?
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  1. What Is your Fave color?
  2. What appeals to you most?
  3. You and couple comrades were called to tsunade's office for an urgent mission. Your mission is to plant rice in the fields. Some of your comrades are complaining about the mission. What is your reaction.
  4. Once There, your comredes immediatly start. You...
  5. After the mission you...
  6. it's morning and someone aburtly wakes you up. You...
  7. The someone tells you that there 2 shinobi's plotting to attack the village.
  8. Once there, you...
  9. will you rate my quiz?
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