the naruto boyfriend quiz

you ever wanted to know who your perfect guy would be in the show "naruto" if thats you then you need to take this quiz! although this is my first quiz, ive got to say its actually pretty good, so dont be scared of the outcome! (although its true)

girls only! do you think you know what naruto guy is for you? do you want to know? if you really want to know, take this quiz to find out! and after you see the results, and hopefully like them, refer this quiz to another girl!

Created by: yarissa

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. what color is most like your guys personality?
  2. if your guy found you cheating on him with another guy, what would most likely be his reaction?
  3. where would he most likely take you on a date?
  4. what is it you like about him?
  5. which is he likely to say?
  6. if your guy was an animal, which would he be?
  7. what is his greatest flaw?(defect)
  8. you and your g uy are under attack by some unknown ninja, what happens?
  9. you gu ys are his house...what happens?
  10. last question!!! who do you think your guy will be?

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