Does he really love you?

I wanted to make this quiz to help all you awesome girls with your boyfriends. Anyway umm i hope you find it useful and goodluck and i guess you can only take my fully sick quiz if you have a boyfriend so sorry single people youre missing out. :(

Is your boyfriend worthy? Does he deserve you? Lets see who the lucky one in the relationship really is... Take the quiz and you will know whether you can trust him, whether he hates you or maybe you are the perfect match for ech other.

Created by: Lorellei

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  1. Did you pash him before you went out?
  2. do you photoshop picturs of yourself to make yourself more appealing
  3. have you stolen a guy from your friend before
  4. where do usually meet up
  5. are you insecure around him
  6. whats your favourite feature of his
  7. what is his fave feature of yours?
  8. Do you have trouble finding things to talk about other than marine life?
  9. talking or kissing
  10. How did you two meet?

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